ALANI Awards ceremony held in Van Houten

Ciara Smith/
Dr. Kahan Sablo conducts the ALANI Awards ceremony Monday, Dec. 1, in Van Houten Dining Hall.
Fall grads also honored at event

By Ciara Smith/

On Monday, Dec. 1, the annual ALANI Awards were held for the spring of 2014 semester in the South Van Houten Dining Hall.

These awards were presented by Dr. Kahan Sablo to multicultural students who have achieved a GPA of 2.7 and higher. Categories such as bronze (2.7-2.99), silver (3.0-3.49), gold (3.5-3.99) and gold star (4.0) were awarded to several Edinboro students. These awards were presented to acknowledge students accomplishments they made that semester but also as a reminder to push and always strive higher.

Fall 2014 graduates were also recognized as they were presented with Kente Cloth. Kente cloth is a sacred garment that is only worn at times of extreme importance. The students were presented this garment by family members, friends or close university faculty in special recognition of their accomplishments and to look at how far they have come over the years.

These students will wear their Kente cloths during the day of the fall graduation to show their accomplishments.