Edinboro Brazilian jiu jitsu club holds seminar featuring Saulo Ribeiro

Photo: Jideobi Ezeonu
Ribeiro traveled in to Edinboro to demonstrate different moves that he has learned during his practice of BJJ。
Ribeiro visits EUP and perform BJJ

By Jideobi Ezeonu
Voices Editor/Spectator

“I tell people I don’t have to work a day in my life because I do what I love.”

These words were uttered by world renowned Brazilian fighter Saulo Ribeiro, during his introduction at Edinboro University’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) seminar, held at McComb Fieldhouse last Saturday, Nov. 15. The event, hosted by the members of Edinboro’s BJJ club, gave the people in attendance the ability to hone their skills while being mentored by one of the most influential names in the field.

The club advisor, Dr. Korey Kilburn, was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the event.

“It was such a great experience for everyone who was there.  Having Saulo Ribeiro here to talk about Jiu Jitsu is something like having John Madden come to talk to our football team.  It took a ton of planning, but it was completely worth it,” said Kilburn.

Ribeiro displayed his more likable side during the early stages of the event. He ran some warm-up drills, incorporated some ice breaking into the exercises and just generally looked like he was enjoying his time during the seminar.

Once the drills became more Jiu Jitsu oriented though, Ribeiro’s demeanor had completely changed. He suddenly carried himself more as a drill sergeant, in an attempt to extract more potential out of the event’s participants. Many of the exercises conducted by Ribeiro focused on the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and pinning methods.

“It’s not about how we start, but how we finish,” the Manausborn fighter said, with a massive smile on his face, after a brutal set of exercises.

At this point, many of the participants of the seminar looked exhausted.

Ribeiro claimed that learning how to conserve his energy was one of the most important lessons he had learned in his career. During his time as a fighter and his transition from ice cold Toledo, OH to San Diego, Cali. for his BJJ academy, he emphasized the importance of stamina and endurance.

“The older I get, I need to save my energy in order to be able to fight, you know? And I think with that, I know how to position myself, how to take advantage of a better opportunity, of taking advantage of my opponent…I feel like I am a better fighter today because I know how to save my energy,” said Ribeiro.

Kilburn, who was involved on some of Ribeiro’s technique demonstrations, believed that having someone like Ribeiro running this event had a massive impact on the people involved in the seminar and bringing someone of his stature can further propel the Edinboro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club’s reputation.

“It has a huge impact, almost immeasurable. It’s something like having a basketball camp with Michael Jordan.  This seminar sheds a lot of light on the students’ personal learning of Jiu Jitsu,” said Kilburn. “Furthermore, future seminars become more and more possible and more popular, just because Edinboro is willing to bring in the best of the best to conduct seminars.  The Jiu Jitsu club here at Edinboro is the premier club in the area, and seminars like this will keep it that way.“

Ribeiro completed the seminar by thanking everyone for showing up, signing autographs and taking pictures after the event. He was pleased with the seminar.

“Every time that I come to a place that I have never been to before and I see how much people are excited about getting information and knowledge, I have a blessed opportunity to be myself, to tell my story, because when I teach my seminar, I’m not expecting everyone to leave here knowing everything I said,” Ribeiro stated. “I’m just here to tell them a story about how I perform my techniques. But I had a lot of fun, it was great.”

In the future, Kilburn hopes to host more seminars and other major events.

 “On Saturday, Nov. 22, there is a tournament in the dome.  It’s free to come and watch it.  It starts at 11:00 a.m and goes until around 5:00 p.m.  We try to have a few seminars per year, and we are very lucky that both SGA and the Edinboro wrestling team head coach Tim Flynn has been very helpful and accommodating give us the support we need to accomplish this for the students.”

Jideobi Ezeonu is the news editor for The Spectator. He can be reached by voices.spectator@gmail.com