Suspect named in alleged Water Street homicide

A supsect was taken into custody for an alleged role in the reported homicide which took place at 123 Water St. on Monday night. The victim is 22-year-old Tobiah J. Johnson.
Suspect is Edinboro student

The Spectator

According to and the suspect in custody for the alleged Water Street homicide is a 21-year-old Edinboro student named Trey Gunter. The victim is now being reported as Tobiah J. Johnson, former student of Edinboro. The suspect and victim were both from Pittsburgh and reportedly "knew each other." The motive is being described as "drug related" and reportedly stemming from a robbery or theft of a handgun. This information comes from Edinboro Police Chief Jeff Craft and arrest records. further described the incident, stating that it was a "dispute over a stolen gun," a .40 caliber handgun in particular. Johnson reportedly took this item from Gunter and Gunter reported the burglary to police on Monday morning. A witness stated that "Gunter shot Johnson after hitting him with the butt of a handgun."

According to, a 9 mm shell casing and "a gun clip with .40 caliber bullets" were retrieved from the scene.

Gunter was a fourth year communications studies major. Edinboro police will serve three additional search warrants, but no information is known regarding those warrants at this time. Gunter was arraigned in a McKean Township district court on Tuesday afternoon. He is being held at the Erie County Prison with no bond. A preliminary hearing will be held on Dec. 2.

The shooting was initially confirmed by Erie Country Coroner Lyell Cook, who described finding the body "next to a car at the end of the lot, near a dumpster, behind the apartment building."

Classes continued at Edinboro on Tuesday.

Edinboro University President Julie Wollman delivered a message to students and members of the community on Tuesday morning. She stated, "Today, our University Police will remain on heightened alert, but local police who are investigating the crime believe there is no reason to curtail our normal activity. Classes and other University operations will continue as usual."

For students, the series of events began around 7:07 p.m. Monday night, as the first of a string of emails went out from the Edinboro University email system, stating "Off-campus shooting in area of Water St. Active police investigation. Avoid area. Gunman still at large." Coroner Lyell Cook received the call of the gunshot wound around 6:40 p.m. and it was reported to have occurred at approximately 6:10 p.m. At 7:42, a campus lockdown was initiated, "effective immediately." All campus buildings were locked down and doors were secured. Students were warned to "stay inside behind locked doors until otherwise notified." Over 2 hours later, police began escorting students from "non-residential buildings" to their dormitory halls. Students were to "remain in place" until escort arrived.