Breaking: Homicide being investigated near Edinboro's Water Street

This photo, taken from the Jet24 Twitter feed, is where a reported homicide has taken place in Edinboro. This is located on Water Street.
Gunman reportedly still at large

The Spectator

According to reports out of Jet24, an Erie broadcasting station, a homicide is currently being investigated in Edinboro, around the Water Street area. A Twitter post from Jet has stated, "Homicide in Edinboro - university police, coroner's office on scene now. Avoid Water street."

Furthermore, has stated that the male victim is reportedly "in his 20s," according to Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook. From this report, it is also being determined that 123 Water St. is the location of the shooting.

At 7:07 p.m., the first of a string of emails went out from the Edinboro University email system, stating "Off-campus shooting in area of Water St. Active police investigation. Avoid area. Gunman still at large." At 7:42, a campus lockdown was initiated, "effective immediately." All campus buildings have been locked down and doors are secured until further notice. Students are warned to "stay inside behind locked doors until otherwise notified."

Once again, the gunman is still at large at this time.