Edinboro Army ROTC places top 10 at 2nd Brigade Challenge Competition

Contributed Photo
The 2014 ROTC Army Ranger Challenge team posing for a photo after their top 10 finish at Fort Dix, N.J.
ROTC placed the highest than before

By Meghan Findley
Lifestyles Editor/Spectator

Edinboro University ROTC Ranger Challenge team participated in the 2nd Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition recently and placed higher than ever before in the 10 year history of competing. 

Ranger Challenge is the varsity sport of Army ROTC. This is a two day event and was held on Oct. 12 at Fort Dix, N.J. Edinboro University Army ROCT finished in the top 10 placing seventh out of 42 teams who competed.

Team captain, Cadet Victoria Filbert, explained that Edinboro University competes in the 2nd Brigade which includes schools including the University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University, Penn State University, Duke University, University of Connecticut, along with schools in the PASSHE system. Ivy league schools such as Princeton are also included in the brigade. 

“They call our brigade the ivy brigade because all the ivy league schools are in ours,” Filbert said. 

To prepare for the competition, the cadets on the Ranger Challenge team endured five weeks of training, which included getting up at 4:30 every morning, demanding workouts and practicing skills such as knot tying, weapon assembly and medical evacuation procedures. 

“Its got a lot of physical tasks we need to do but there is also a mental and skill sets that we need to do, so weapons assembly  is an example of a skill set that you need so that is not so much physical but more training that we do before we leave,” Filbert said. 

A majority of the first day is physical events where you have to run to each event. This included a grenade assault course, constructing and crossing  a one rope bridge across a lake, weapon assembly, a confidence and obstacle course, a physical fitness challenge, carrying a 1,500 pound

log 400 meters and pushing a Humvee a quarter of a mile and more. 

“The first day of the competition consists of a 7 mile course with 9 different obstacles. This included walking on foot, with a Kevlar helmet and carrying a 40-pound rucksack and M-16 dummy rifle,” Filbert said.    

The second day, however, consisted of a 10k road march in full gear. 

To get on the team, the Edinboro Army ROTC had to go through a tryout process which contributed to the being one of the top 10 teams. 

“The first day of PT I went out and talked to the whole platoon as the captain saying that tryouts were going to start the next day at 5:30 and the first day we went on a 5 mile run...we had try outs for the first whole week to see who had enough heart to do it,” Filbert said. 

After the first week, cuts were made, which eventually lead to the final nine who competed in the competition. 

Meghan Findley is lifestyles editor for The Spectator. She can be reached by lifestyles.spectator@gmail.com