Alumni Spotlight

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Toni Malena
Toni, before and after collge

By Meghan Findley
Lifestyles Editor/Spectator

As college students, it only makes sense that one would think about the future. After all, that is why we are here. We are here to build a life for ourselves and go down a path that truly makes us happy while still being able to pay the bills. 

It is completely normal to be worried about what will happen after graduation. The question of “will I find a job” often comes up when thinking about the future. Luckily, Edinboro University has many successful graduates, one being our very own Toni Malena of the communications and marketing department. 

Malena is currently the web designer for the university. Originally from Pittsburgh, she decided to come to Edinboro for the graphic design program and graduated in 2009. 

“I actually did get out in four years. I did an internship my last year of school up at Gohrs Printing, I did a graphic design position so I got to see not only design, but I got to see the whole printing process so it was a great learning experience,” Malena said.  

Malena has had quite the professional experience so far. After graduating, she landed herself a paid internship at Papa Advertising for about a year. 

After her experience with Papa Advertising, Malena starting hunting for a job.

“I found a full time design job with SkyRocket group... who are more focused towards point of sale equipment and I was there for nine months before Papa called and said they had a position open,” Malena said.

This job was important because it gave Malena the opportunity to learn more web-based design that she did not have the opportunity to learn while in school. Papa Advertising needed someone to do more webbased projects, which made her perfect for the job. She ended up working there for three years. 

Edinboro University was a client at Papa Advertising and that is how Malena met Tina Mengine, who is the vice president of university advancement, and landed an interview for the web design position.

“I was impressed with Toni’s talent, I had seen some of her work when she worked for a local advertising agency that was doing work for the university.  Toni brought creativity and web experience to the table, but she also possessed a great attitude and demeanor that I thought would allow her to fit in with the team we were building,” Mengine said.

Malena decided to leave Papa Advertising for a few reasons. Though she loved the environment she felt she could really fit in with the marketing and communications department. It also helped that she had a history with Edinboro. 

“To be able to design for the university that you went to is like giving back, it’s very rewarding,” Malena said.

Malena’s main project for the past two years has been the re-design for the university website, which is due to launch in February. 

“Toni has been a tremendous asset to the marketing team. She has led the web redesign project, which is a major undertaking, with vision and energy as well as relentless attention to detail and a sense of humor, which is no easy task.  There are tens of thousands of pages and components to the project, yet she quietly and efficiently is leading the team to the finish line,” Mengine said.

When not working on the website, Malena is interested in activities such as hunting, golf, snow skiing and learning to play the guitar.

Malena has had a great professional career after graduating from Edinboro and is really fortunate to be back on campus and working for the university she graduated from.

“I am definitely happy working here. I am glad I got the experience to work somewhere else after school to get that experience outside of the university, but it is definitely great benefits and great people to work with,” Malena said.   

Meghan Findley is lifestyles editor for The Spectator. She can be reached by