Sanden, Kerr named homecoming royalty

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Brittany Sanden (DZ) and Ryan Kerr (LXA) were crowned 2014’s Homecoming King and Queen on Friday, Oct 3.
Homecoming winners remain humble

By Britnee Ganster
Managing Editor/Spectator

Hundreds of students packed into Louis C. Cole Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 3. After a performance by the Spirit of the Scots Marching Band, fraternities and sororities yelled their unique chants as their homecoming representatives were announced.

Once all of the candidates were on stage, Vice President of Student Affairs Kahan Sablo led those in attendance in a dance to “The Wobble.” After what seemed like an eternity, Megan Corrigan and Luke Geer, last year’s winners, spoke briefly and prepared to announce the new campus royalty.

Coming in third place were Lynzy Wheaton representing Zeta Tau Alpha and Bobby Gleason representing Alpha Phi Omega. The runners up were Bridgette Abramson of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Stuart Jackson of Kappa Delta Rho. Then, in the most anticipated moment of the week, Lambda Chi Alpha’s Ryan Kerr and Delta Zeta’s Brittany Sanden were crowned Edinboro University’s 2014 Homecoming King and Queen.

The auditorium erupted with the cheers and chants of the two organizations as well as many others in the room. Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Zeta were running mates for this year’s homecoming festivities.

Sanden, a senior chemistry major, said winning came as a surprise to her. She said that despite the noise level in the room, she couldn’t hear a thing, but she felt nothing but pure happiness.

“It’s kind of weird because I was looking forward to Friday, October 3rd for months and it was over in an hour,” Sanden said.  “I’ll never forget those emotions I had though while I was up on that stage.”

Kerr, a senior human performance major, he was in “utter shock” when they announced the winners.

“I had no idea that it was going to have this sort of outcome,” he said. “I am truly blessed and honored.”

Though some may see Homecoming as a popularity contest, Sanden and Kerr disagree. Sanden, who is affiliated with a number of groups on campus including the PanHellenic Council and the Bunsen Society believes that her winning Homecoming Queen was a result of the work she had put into it.

“I hope that I won based off of kind acts I’ve done and then people voted for me to do me a favor and help me out after all the hard work I’ve been doing,” Sanden said.

Kerr sees winning Homecoming King as an indicator of how much he has grown while at Edinboro.

“Homecoming means a lot to me, actually. To some people it’s a popularity contest, but for me it hits a little deeper than that,” Kerr said. “It not only has shown me what family I have here at Edinboro, but it has helped me to see that high school cannot and will not define who you are.”

Both candidates had doubts while running for Homecoming. Sanden, who was reluctant to even put her name on the ballot at first, said all of the support from her Delta Zeta sisters and her friends was one of her favorite parts of the weekend. Kerr agreed. He decided to run because he wanted to represent something bigger than himself, the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. He didn’t think he would ultimately win. Both were honored to represent their organizations in such a positive way.

“I know that it seems dumb,” Kerr said. “But at the end of the day, Homecoming is nothing without having people you care about around you.”

Though they were treated like royalty for the weekend with their crowns and sashes, Sanden and Kerr have remained humble and returned to reality.

“I yelled at everyone that called me royalty (this weekend) and said that I make minimum wage too,” Sanden joked.

Britnee Ganster is the managing editor for The Spectator. She can be reached by (814) 732-2266