Professionals answer questions at health-care event

Seth Mihalak/
Physicians and health-care practitioners answer questions at the conference.
EUP hosts meeting of medical minds

By Seth Mihalak/

A panel discussion on the communication of health literacy was hosted at a conference Oct. 22, at Edinboro University.

It was a meeting on how doctors and patients communicate health information back and fourth.  Nurses, physicians, family practitioners, college professors of communication studies, and a official at UPMC/Hamot Medical Center in Erie sat down to discuss why patients and doctors have difficulty communicating with one another.  Elaine Gibson, a UPMC/Hamot official, gave a presentation about staff and care at UPMC/Hamot. Gibson said UPMC/Hamot has some of the best training for nurses in Erie County.

After the presentation, panel members were asked various questions by students and professors.  A student asked how health literacy affects a relationship with a practitioner.  The response was that the communication between a patient and his or her doctor needs to be one of absolute trust.  The only way to get the care you need from a doctor is you need to trust him or her.  Dr. Peter Kroemer, from the Albion Family Practice, mentioned seeing patients every day with something different, and the fact that he knows all of these people and knows how to interact with each of them is very difficult, but he loves every minute of talking with each patient.

The panel answered many questions afterwards, concluding with an award given to Gibson.